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Harrisons Interiors offers bespoke interior design services in Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds. Bringing fun to family homes on a budget. Get in touch today to set up an initial consultation.

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Why Harrisons Interiors?

The man behind the brand.

 Ever since I was a teenager, I have always had an interest in fashion and interiors. Being fortunate enough to work with some great brands, led me to see how fantastic clothing and interiors can make people feel. Inspiring confidence and happiness.


Fast forward a few years and I am so lucky to have a fantastic family with 2 amazing, cheeky children who have turned my life upside down in more ways than one. For me, becoming a father and family man has ignited a flame in me which has inspired me to follow my dream of becoming an interior designer.

Now, with happy clients enjoying the spaces i have helped create, I am ready to make the difference to your home.


My concept is that interiors should reflect and compliment those that live in the space. Do you ever go shopping and see something that would be perfect for one of your friends or family members? It's that intuition that you should feel when you go into someone's home.

My style is to help you bring the visions that are in your mind and bring them to life, turning your space into the space of your dreams. This can be done on a budget and one of my favourite ways of creating these magical rooms is with the use of paint in different ways. 

Whether you want to make a statement or a relaxing space, drop me a line or message and see how I can help with your dilemma.

I am very much a people person and understand that listening to your needs is the perfect way to creating the magic so don't hesitate and reach out today!

I am 

Cozy Living Room

Living Room

Open and Inviting

meeting area

Office Space

Elegant and Modern


Open Workspace

Chic and Sophisticated

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"The colours and Design of a home should 

be a reflection of the people who

live inside"

Amy Wax



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