2021 - The year you fall in love with your home again

I think it is safe to say that hearing the chimes of Big Ben bringing in the New Year didn't fill us with as much excitement as it may have done in the yesteryear. For obvious reasons, we are all cautiously hoping that 2021 is going to be a far better year and one that will get us all the feeling of normality again. We all start the year with high hopes and plans to bring our dreams to fruition but it still seems that so much is out of our control at this point. Everyone will be spending the first few weeks of the year in our own homes and this has really struck a cord with me.

Let's make 2021 the year of our home! Now is the time to fall head over heels in love with our homes again! The journey starts here and this is something that is in our own hands!

Let's turn back the clock to happier times. Think of the feelings we have experienced when the estate agents have handed over the keys to our new home. The adrenaline rushing through our veins, the excitement of all the memories we are going to create and finally getting the chance to put your stamp on our own palace. We finally have our own safe haven that we cant wait to rush home to. It may be quirky, it may be magnolia overload or it may even have walls covered with newspapers, but you know what, its your home. It's the place where we can close the door and shut out the outside world. For many of us, it is the place to kick back and relax.

Let's be honest, we have all had rough days at work. I have been blessed when it comes to employment. I have worked on the shop floors of some of the brands I have loved for as long as I can remember. I have been given beautiful company cars to drive around the country visiting clients and accounts in. The stars have aligned for me and I will be forever grateful for some of the opportunities I have been given. However, it is still easy to get ticked off in the jobs we love. Time to be honest, it does happen now and again! There have been occasions where I have gone to the stockroom, squared up to mannequins, ranted in its face and chucked it across the room to let off a bit of steam. If a meeting hasn't gone my way, I have been known to get on the motorway (sticking to 70mph obviously!) and scream the words to Nirvana to destress before I park up outside my house. It happens! The saving grace we all have is that when the working day is finally over, you head home, put a pair of joggers on and put the stresses of the day behind you. Your front door is closed and you can forget about the dramas of the day.

This last year has been different. For many of us, we have had to grow extra shoulders to take on the additional burden that this year has brought us. Balancing home schooling with work, and having to decide whether to answer the phone to the boss or get your little bundle of joy a glass of juice! Where has this all taken place? In our home. When the working day is over and we want to unwind and switch off from the world, where do we go?? Oh yeah, it's the same home. At times last year, your home has been the place you have wanted to escape from. It has been the place where deals have been lost, where awkward conversations with your clients have taken place and where you have snapped and ranted at your kids. The only issue is, we haven't been able to come home and leave the world on our front doorstep. Our 4 walls have turned from our loving home to a stressful battleground at times.

Lets make 2021 different. Lets make this the year we fall in love with our homes again.

This is where Interior Designers can prove invaluable. Our home is carrying so many memories from 2020 that we will probably be happy seeing the back of. Let's start the year by creating a new space within your 4 walls.

That corner of your dining room that has been quickly converted into a home office - let's transform this into a corner that provides inspiration, a space you want to perform in.

The kitchen that has seen every meal of the day for the past year, lets make it the happy hub of your home again.

Your living room that has seen laughs, tears and a year of Boris's ever so clear speeches. Let's recreate this space and transform it into a new family space to unwind in. No matter what budget you have, there are ways you can fall in love with your home again and make this year a great one.

Interior Designers have become so much more accessible over the last few years. Particularly with the growth of the internet, we can provide online services that can give you the key to creating your dream home. See it as a 'paint by numbers' way to spark life into your family home again. Put your trust in our hands. We can make all of the difficult decisions for you and take the stress away from redecorating and renovating your home. Sit back and watch your dream interiors come to life.

That new house feeling really is a click or call away. Start the year as you mean to go on with positive actions and a fresh lick of paint! Are you ready to make great memories in your home in 2021....

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