Cool painting ideas for your home on a budget

I am a true believer that with a paint pot and a paint brush, you can create a masterpiece in your home without having to re-mortgage your house to be able to afford it. It is time to think about paint differently. We all have different personalities and our homes should reflect these characteristics. What's your favourite colour? What shapes do you like? Use these answers to create your cool painting statements in your home.

At one point or another, I am certain we have all been in front of one of the colour chart displays in your local hardware store and thought "what do I do now? Where do I start?" I have been there myself. The excitement of changing your living room and bathroom is overtaken by the paint chart fear.

Next time you are in this position, don't panic. It is safe to say you should buy a couple of tester pots to paint on the walls to give you a true feel of how the paint will look when it takes pride and place on the wall. At this point, you will end up with a few tester pots full of paint that you don't know what to do with. This is where you can really start rethinking paint.

Artwork Colour Blocking

Most of us will have pictures taking pride and place on the wall. Pictures of pop stars, family pictures, scenes of famous landmarks or portraits of your pet dog. Whatever it might be, you have the perfect opportunity to make some use out of your tester pots. Make sure you have a roll of the trusty Frog Tape ready and away we go! How bold you want to go, you decide. Stick with the same colour around your room or mix it up like the fantastic image from pinterest below. If you want to be subtle, edge the artwork by just a couple of cms to bring life to your wall art. The choice is absolutely yours but rest assured, anyone can do this and everybody should do this in some way. Go on, rethink paint.

Something so simple can really make a statement. How much does a tester pot cost? £3? Talk about painting on a budget. Even more than this, you are not wasting paint, you are utlising everything you have had produced as well as creating a talking point in your home. Thinking about a fun family home, you can let your, and more importantly, your children's imagination run away and create a space to inspire. Why not even change this every season. Pick a theme for the different times of year. Your options are endless!

Diagonal Colour Blocking

One of my personal favourites as you will see from my website, this makes a true statement to a room. Again, you can use this in whichever room you need to make a change to. Look around your room.

Is there a long wall that lacks character?

Do you have an open plan living and dining room and want a cool way to differentiate between the 2 spaces?

Is your home office lacking inspiration?

A diagonal colour blocking feature creates a cool talking point in your home that, again, doesn't cost a fortune. Pick 2 co ordinating colours and let the paint do the rest. You can play it safe by adding a stripe in an alcove or you can go diagonal across an entire wall. Rethink paint.

Since we have added this detail into our home, the amount of feedback and interest this has created has been phenomenal (obviously before covid!). It hasn't exactly revolutionised the interior design industry but it is different to most peoples homes and it reflects what our family is about. This has become a style that we are known for within our circle of friends. This is what I mentioned earlier. Your home should reflect the personalities of the people who make the house a home.

These are just 2 ways of creating cool painting ideas for your home. There are so many more and I will write about these in the future but I thought this would be a great way to plant the seed of 'painting to create'. The challenge I am setting you is to pick a room in your home that you could rethink paint in. Dare to make a statement? I think we are all ready to take this step and give your home the wow factor it deserves.

Contact me if you would like some help with your home project. My 'paint to create' package is perfect for this and what's more, can be done purely online so no matter where you are in the country or the world, I can help!

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